Sand Blasting And Other Media Blasting

DCI uses the best suited media for removing material and stain from whatever surface needs to be cleaned. Whether your job requires blasting with sodium bicarbonate, recycled glass, coal slag or other media, DCI has the equipment and expertise to do the job.

DCI uses sand blasting when it is required. Sand blasting is normally not surface friendly for brick, stone, concrete and wood. It is appropriate at times for use on metal because it is aggressive and quick. Sand blasting normally contains silica which is must be handled properly and the folks at DCI are the experts. Also, many who do sand blasting don’t use blast equipment that can be adjusted for pressure, at DCI our equipment allows us to adjust application pressures to minimize the impact on the surfaces being cleaned.

DCI Specialty Contracting cleans paint and soil off brick, stone, block, concrete, wood and steel. And can help with virtually any media blasting need you have.

DCI uses the most environmentally safe processes that ensure your job is done professionally and completely.

Call DCI For:

  • Mold removal from wood and concrete
  • Removing soot from fire and smoke
  • Blasting graffiti from brick or stucco
  • Cleaning almost any material: brick, concrete and block, wood, metal)
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Paint and stains on asphalt and concrete
  • Rust removal
  • Grease removal
  • Delicate surface cleaning

DCI Specialty Contracting uses equipment that is portable and can get to where the work needs to be done!