St. Paul Media Blasting and Sand Blasting

Commercial Media Blasting in St. Paul

DCI Specialty Contracting does the highest quality commercial media blasting in St. Paul using a variety of media to clean virtually any material off of any surface. Our staff is trained, competent and ready to work for you. Our equipment and methods used for media blasting in St. Paul are superior to that of our competitors.

St. Paul Surfaces Cleaned with Commercial Media Blasting

DCI Specialty Contracting’s trained expert staff uses the blasting equipment and blasting media that best suits the requirements of your commercial media blasting project while preserving the substrate. Whether blasting paint off of brick, removing paint from concrete, removing rust from steel, DCI uses the best practices and equipment in the industry. Call DCI for media blasting of brick, stone, cement block, concrete, wood and steel in St. Paul.

St. Paul Sand Blasting

DCI Specialty Contracting does sand blasting in St. Paul when the material to be removed and the surface to be worked on require it. Sand is highly abrasive and is not appropriate for all applications. DCI Specialty Contracting takes the necessary steps to ensure safety and environmental needs are met when doing commercial sand blasting in St. Paul.

Soda Blasting in St. Paul

DCI Specialty Contracting does uses soda blasting in St. Paul for removal of a variety of materials from many surfaces. Soda blasting can be used to remove mold from wood. Using formulated sodium bicarbonate, blasting soda is a very friable material that upon impact has micro fragmentation which explodes away the surface material without harming the surface. DCI Specialty Contracting is expert in the use of soda blasting in the St. Paul area.

Using Glass Bead Blasting in St. Paul

DCI Specialty Contracting uses glass beads as a blasting media for some commercial media blasting projects in St. Paul. Glass bead blasting use lower air pressure and can remove calcium deposits from many surfaces, remove molds, and can also be used to remove paint. In St. Paul, DCI Specialty Contracting also uses glass bead blasting to remove rust and corrosion from metal.