Attic Mold Solution

DCI has been performing attic space Soda Blasting for more than four years. Attic space mold issues are very common. Improper or inadequate ventilation and thermal breaches are the two most common culprits that cause the condensation and thus the mold in the attic. DCI can “Soda Blast” the attic sheathing and rafters removing the mold in lieu of roof sheathing and shingle replacement. The cost savings of Soda Blasting vs. roof replacement can be 50 to 60%. In addition, Soda Blasting also reduces the risk of “opening” your house to the weather during the roof replacement.

Before and After Gallery

The soda blasting process:

  • Removal of all attic insulation
  • Setting up dust control
  • Soda Blast process
  • Final clean up
  • Ventilation/thermal breach corrections
  • Re-insulation of attic to code; usually a minimum of R44
  • Typically the start to finish schedule is two to four days

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